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Since 2018

Meyhane Kitchen and Bar, established in 2022, is owned & operated by Sevan & Burcu Yesilcimen.  It compliments their other restaurant, Anatolia Bar and Grill, opened in 2018. The term "meyhane" originates from the Persian words "mey" (wine) and "khaneh" (house). It refers to an establishment popular in Turkish, Balkan, and Greek regions serving alcoholic beverages and traditional food.  Meyhane historically focused on wine and raki (a distilled spirit made grapes and anise) served alongside a variety of small dishes (meze). Meyhane culture began centuries ago during the Byzantine Empire, expanded during the Ottoman Empire and continues to flourish today in seaside communities along the Mediterranean Sea. We are pleased to bring the tradition to Williamsburg and share the experience with you. Eat, drink, and stay for a while!  

meyhane 3.jpeg
Image by Bartosz Klukaczewski

The Restaurant

We are conveniently located off of John Tyler Highway and Route 199, at 5269 John Tyler Highway, Williamsburg, VA. 

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